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Woodfarer is a Cologne Game Lab BA1 student collaborative project and still under development.

Find your way and collect spirits of the jungle in a weird post-apocalyptic setting, all while preventing evil spreading around and swallowing what memories remained of the old earth.

Use your compass to locate spirits. Collect 3 spirits and come back to the shrine

Use some help to defeat enemies

Woodfarer is a Forest-Crawling game in which you explore different areas of a cursed forest and gather spirits to lead them to the exit. The surrounding world is always new, and you need to map it out in order to explore it easier. You can use the spirits you've collected to fight off enemies and even solve some puzzles. There are many exploration options in the game, and items to increase your health and a chance to build up your score, incentive to see all there is to be found.


Gameplay Video

Team Members


Ev Baginska @gruntlinger , Rafael Pankov @zarlevo


Mohammad Sadegh H. Boroomand @realmshb

Designer, Animator: 

Yasaman Farazan @Yfarazan


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خیلی حال کردم همون ابتدا اصلا آرت بازی رو همینجا دیدم

و رفتم تو بازی و دیدم چقدر خوب. چه دنیای خوبی:)

و چقدر مبارزه قشنگ طراحی شده بودن:)

همه چی قشنگ کنار هم چیده شده بود

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Charming, pretty, and fun gameplay!

I do wish it felt a bit smoother not sure if it's the framerate or why thats happening graphics did not feel like it made a difference but I loved it anyways, excited to see where this goes.


The graphics are beautiful

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Lovely job! The game is stunning and I was only left wanting to play more. Love the idea of using an unconventional weapon, I think this idea can be explored more if you decide to expand the game! :)


I loved this.  If you make this into a full game I am so throwing my money at you.  Gorgeous!


I really love your game! I have always loved people trying new, fresh, approaches to old formula's and you've done an excellent job! I also look forward to seeing what you do next!


This was such a beautiful game. I managed to explore a little of it, and I can't wait to see what the full game will look like!I really enjoyed this small journey :)

Also, is that little shop thing a sidequest? Or just something that hasn't been added in yet?

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Thank you developers for making such awesome cute game! I love it! I love its simplicity and cuteness, the background sounds like the birds chirping feels like i am in a real forest <3 Keep up the good work and I want to play more of it <3 Stay Awesome!


I would love to seem some more development with this! Lots of potential!


The exploration is where it's at. Wrote a little review about Woodfarer! Very atmospheric game.


whats the system requirements?


Very well done, nice short game. It's so atmospheric and beautiful.


this game is gorgeous


It has a bird!


Wish there was some background music to this would make it even more of a calming adventure. You did a great job on this. It reminds me of another game I have played with this type of art style called where the goats are.

Lovely what I've seen so far and I'm sure I haven't seen all in this build. :)

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