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I like the idea, and the sensitivity menu is perfect for calibrate (miss in many voice controlled games).
But for me it's way too hard !
The game looks visually peaceful and relaxing, but it's not because it's very hard at the first second, so it became a stressful experience.
Please, if you don't want to change the game, make a chill mode where touching "walls" don't kill but just give "less point" maybe ? Or something else not serious... But no punishment like that please.
The music looks really great, I want to ear this nice music, not to be killed and retry, then retry, then retry. For now I feel that the gameplay and the difficulty don't feat the mood.
I want this experience to be a pleasant journey. :)
Have a nice day. ;)

I played for 12 minutes and had a BLAST the entire time. I lost at least a dozen times due to laughing after previous rounds. The noises I was making we're so funny... I could see this easily going viral if a couple big youtubes made videos, keep pushing - you have a golden idea here!

And the art/music is very nice! I wish I could past 60 to hear the music in full.

My only feedback would be to: keep working on it! It's a great idea, maybe add other levels? Rewards for pushing past certain scores? Other than that it's a solid idea.

Thanks for making me laugh!

Thank you Mike! Thank you for your comment:) I was so excited about your comment because it's actually first online comment about the game and I am so happy that you like the game :) I hope we can one day make this idea a big one with a lot of juicy rewards. Again thank you for your support